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Terms and Conditions of Services

1. Title General terms of service provision.

  1. The supplier, Cindy Yanet Londoño Carvajal with identification number 1032443932-8, resident in the Bogotá City and hereinafter under its trademark TheBigDevs has established the terms and conditions described here.
  2. The user, client or owner refers to the person who is a user of a TheBigDevs web service, whether it is the direct owner of the service, reseller, reseller, distributor of the service, since it is the one who makes the request for the service. before The Big Devs Digital Experience and not its clients with whom The Big Devs has no commercial relationship. The direct client of The Big Devs understands and accepts that he is responsible for compliance with the terms and/or sanctions that may be carried out directly by him or by one of his clients who uses any of our Web services.
  3. At the time you contract with us the Hosting and/or design service, resell and/or distribute our web services, it is understood that you have read and agree with the terms, limitations and clarifications set forth in the present document.
  4. If the user does not agree with any of the current terms, they are completely free to reject our web services.

Web Hosting / Website Hosting service

  1. Web hosting, hosting, hosting or web hosting service is understood to be the service provided by TheBigDevs consisting of storing information on servers so that it is available on the Internet through a domain name or through an IP address. Servers are understood to mean computer equipment that may or may not belong to The Big Devs or be leased by The Big Devs and in general any computer equipment that is used by The Big Devs to provide the hosting service. The use of the term “our servers” is understood in relation to these equipment without implying that the server is or is not the property of TheBigDevs.
  2. The Web Hosting service cannot be used to publish illegal material and/or that violate copyright, whether considered illegal in Colombia and/or in the country of origin or legal jurisdiction where the requester of the service is located.
  3.  Sites that belong to groups known as illegal in Colombia and/or anywhere in the world cannot be hosted on our servers, even though they are illegal in a certain country but not for Colombia; as well as sites where criminal, profane or contrary to moral acts are encouraged.
  4. The user understands that the hard drives located on the servers have a limited capacity, that they are not infinite, as other providers assure by offering unlimited hosting services.
  5. The user accepts that when making the hosting service commitment The Big Devs may not have available space capacity, to which the user will wait twenty-four (24) hours for the activation of the service, without The Big Devs incurs a violation of what is established.
  6. Hosting features where offered as unlimited are only limited by the contracted storage quota; The user understands that they must make rational use of this quota, that by limiting the service due to this fact it is their total responsibility and not that of TheBigDevs.
  7. The Big Devs offers hosting support for failures in its servers and to the extent permitted, taking into account section.
  8. The programming of the hosted pages is the responsibility of the user and/or company that provides the design and/or programming service of the site. The Big Devs will not provide support for this concept unless it is the service provider.
  9. The client will assume responsibility for the use and correct configuration of systems provided by third parties such as Joomla, WordPress or any other script or Content Manager. The service that The Big Devs offers is limited to the proper functioning, performance and availability of the servers on which the client hosts its applications.
  10. The Big Devs will not provide support for scripts that are developed by third parties.
  11. The Big Devs strictly condemns SPAM, whether it is sent through our servers and/or sent by the user to other users of our servers or to the personal or service emails of The Big Devs.
  12. The Big Devs servers, as well as most servers on the network, can be victims of DoS attacks or technical failures, a situation that is understood and accepted by the user.
  13. The Big Devs reserves the right to review what is stored on the servers, in compliance with the described service policies.
  14. The hosting user understands the reservation that The Big Devs has regarding the name of the company with which they contract this service and/or the intermediaries for these purposes and accepts the above, desisting from any legal method or means. or not, to acquire this information.

Service Design

Agreement between client and TheBigDevs

  1. This document is an agreement between you as a client and The Big Devs as your provider of web design, Graphic Design, marketing and other services described on this Website. By hiring the services of The Big Devs, you must have read and accepted the terms and conditions written in this agreement, since it lists the rights and obligations for both parties.
  2. Quote and work proposal: Our prices are subject to change without prior notice. In the event that the client has not contracted the project and the prices have been modified, a new quote will be made with the new prices.
  3. Project development: Before starting work on any project, an advance payment for our services is required
  4. Work process:
    The development is divided into five stages:
    • Reception of material: The client sends the necessary material to start the project, in the case of the logo or name, the material is the questionnaire for logos or name and for websites, the information for the creation of the Site.
    • Design stage: Creation of graphic or web material on websites, the home screen and an internal page will be sent as an image.
    • Feedback The project is sent to the client and their comments are obtained.
    • Project debugging stage, the changes or adjustments indicated by the client are made. During this stage, the client can request the rounds that were explicit in the quote for changes/modifications. Additional revisions will have an additional cost.
    • Sending materials or putting the web service online.
  5. The Big Devs will present the design proposal (home page and internal page) to the client for approval and/or modification. Upon approval by the client, work will begin on the development (programming) of the project. Any additional modification requested to the previously approved design will generate an extra charge.
    At the end of the project development, the BETA version will be shown to the client, who must carry out a final review of the site to ensure that all the data is correct, and may also request the modifications mentioned in the quote to adjust the final details.
    Any annex of additional information to the website or modifications to previously approved formats will be quoted separately. Sometimes it will be necessary to finish the remaining 50% of the project before carrying out the new modifications. Mirada Gráfica is committed to keeping the client informed and determining the best time to carry out said modifications, taking into account work hours and their difficulty.
  6. Final payment and delivery of the project: When the project is finished, the client will be asked for the final payment of 50%, which must be covered no later than within the next 10 business days. If the client takes more than the stipulated time to complete the project, a fine of 2% of the final payment per day of delay will be charged. The Big Devs are exempt from delivering the project to the client until full payment has been made.
  7. Guarantee: The debug stage has a guarantee of only 30 days and applies only to technical errors and not to changes.
  8. Prohibited material:
    The Big Devs has the right to refuse the following:
    • 1. Any means of communication that is illegal or inappropriate;
    • 2. Any media that contains a virus or hostile program;
    • 3. Any media that constitutes harassment, racism, violence, obscenity, spam or intent to harm;
    • 4. Any means of communication that constitutes a criminal offense, violates privacy or copyright;
    • 5. Any other questionable media will be under the discretion of The Big Devs Thank you very much for being our customer.